The olive oil, called by Homer as “liquid gold”, is a miraculous source of nutrients for humans.
The healing properties of olive oil have been identified in ancient Greece, which is also the birth place of medical science. There are more than 60 medicinal uses of olive oil recorded in the Hippocratic Code. Recognizing the value of olive oil, Romans contributed to spread the cultivation of olives in their Empire. We find references to the olive tree in the Bible and in the Coran while after the Renaissance the olive tree spreads to the New World. Today, 2500 years later, modern Medicine continues to recommend the widespread use of olive oil for its beneficial for our health properties.
Scientific researches on olive oil`s medicinal properties proved that, in addition to many other properties, it has 2 substances which are highly beneficial for our health. Стереть!!! The oil has extremely powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Among others, the olive oil contains oleic acid (73% -80%), vitamins A, E, D, K and additional ingredients which give the olive aroma, flavor and strong nutritional properties.

In order to have such good effect, though, it should be the purest one and come from cold press.
50 gr of Extra Virgin olive oil is better than 200 gr of the regular olive oil.
Daily use of olive oil in food and salads is able to create a protective shield in our hearts. The ingredient called oleuropein contains the beneficial properties for the heart.

The experimental study in rabbits showed that administration of oleuropein reduces the risk of myocardial infarction in normal rabbits and the administration of a larger dose – in rabbits with hypercholesterolemia.
The administration of 10 and 20 mg of oleuropein reduces levels of total cholesterol by 28.7% and 33% and triglycerides by 61.4% and 61.4% respectively.

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